March 18, 2018
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Credit Cards Can Make You Sick

Is it time for Credit Card Debt Counseling
Everyone likes to be in control of things, especially when it comes to finances. Even with mounting credit card debt, you think you have it under control because you can still make your minimum monthly payments. The total balance doesn’t really matter. You probably have several cards that you use, going from one to the other when one is maxed out. The fact is that you just like to buy things, and sometimes you may even overspend, but it’s O.K.—you’ve got it under control. You know that you can stop any time you want. Sound familiar?

Can’t Stop Spending
Have you ever heard about the plastic disease? You love your
credit cards because they make you feel in control. You can get anything you want at any time—instant gratification. When you’re purchasing, charging, or ordering, you feel happy and powerful. It’s like you’re addicted to your credit cards because you get such a great feeling when you use them. But it doesn’t last, so you just have to go spending again.  Credit card issuers love people like you. They want you to think you’re in control. Marketing strategies, such as sending credit cards in the mail, are ways to keep you hooked. You, on the other hand, are flattered because they want you to be their customer. WOW, what could be better than that!

The reality is that you have tried to retire some cards, even promised yourself not to use them. It just doesn’t seem to work. The feeling of control has evolved into the complete opposite—lack of control. However, the fact that you’re reading this article may indicate that you’re ready to face the problem!

Regaining Control
The first step is to stop using your
credit cards. Cut them up, period. Begin paying with cash. Buy only what you can afford and need. It may seem impossible, but it can be done if you’re motivated. Create a realistic budget so you know how much is coming in and going out. Following a spending plan will give you real control over your financial life. 



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