March 18, 2018
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Credit Repair Scams - Promises, promises

Every day, credit repair companies nationwide prey on those who are down on their luck, promising to erase bad credit. The truth is this can’t be done. If you’ve been turned down for a credit card, an auto loan, or even a mortgage, you may feel desperate and this is when you could be the most vulnerable.

Empty Promises
They’ll tell you they will quickly fix your credit report, for a fee, and then they’ll get you a mortgage using their contacts. This is one of the more recent scams some credit repair services have dangled before desperate consumers to get them to pay up—often money they can’t afford. Some companies even mask themselves as credit counseling agencies or mortgage companies. The end result has you paying hundreds of dollars in fees with nothing to show for it.

Your Best Move
Be wary of anyone offering too good to be true promises and fast fixes. No one can get accurate and up to date information removed. Credit repair takes time, patience, and demonstrated good repayment practices. It is also something you can do for yourself, for free, or seek the guidance of a licensed credit counselor





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