June 20, 2018
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What You Need To Ask A Credit Counseling Agency

If you have decided to ask for assistance from a credit counseling agency, never assume that every agency has your best interests at heart. There are agencies that mask themselves as “non-profit” credit counseling organizations, when in fact they are conducting unlawful operations.

To keep away from being ripped off, work out caution and do your research. Below, we present the query that you should ask a
credit counseling agency before signing up for their service.

As a client, don’t be frightened to make inquiries about these issues. A perfect
credit counseling agency would not hesitate to give you clear and straight answers. Consider the following questions:

* What are the credentials of the agency? Is it an approved agency and one that is qualified by the government? Is it a member of a national credit organization?

* Where does the agency get most of its revenue? Are the
credit counselors salaried based on the number of customers they register in the agency’s debt consolidation plan? If the agency’s revenue is needy on client’s fees, there is a probability you may be charged more for the services.

* Are the
credit counselors specialized and capable to give correct advice? See to it that all workers of the credit counseling agency are licensed and professional. What kind of training did they have? Do they have experience in handling different types of debt issues?

* How long does each
credit counseling session last? A good agency should provide each client at least 90 minutes of counseling. During each session, the client’s problem should be thoroughly discussed to make sure that an appropriate solution can be taken.

* Will my confidentiality be assured? Since you will be providing a lot of personal information about your finances to your
credit counselor, the agency must guarantee the confidentiality and safety of your privacy.

* What costs are there and how much does the
credit counseling organization charge for its services? All the costs concerned should be discussed right from the start. As a client, you should be undoubtedly conscious of all the fees you’ll be paying in exchange for the company’s services. Nevertheless, bear in mind that you should not submit any payment until the services has been made. A lawful credit counseling agency should not claim payment from you until your problem has been resolved.

* Can you access your account frequently? You should have the choice to access your own account if you’re going to sign up for the agency’s
debt consolidation program. This way, you can be assured that all your payments are properly submitted to your creditors.

* What exact services does the
credit counseling agency offer to you? Watch out for agencies that are adamant on debt consolidation without first exploring other potential solutions to your debt problem. For instance, a credit counseling agency should not only help you get out of debt, but should teach you how to manage your finances more efficiently as well. Your credit counselor should assist you to work on a budget to make sure that you won’t have any more debt problems in the future.



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