June 20, 2018
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Is Your Spouse Sabotaging Your Budget?

Convincing your spouse to stick to a household budget can be one of the biggest problems for couples who need to cut back, pay off debt, and begin saving. Often, there is one spouse who isn’t so happy with the way the other one is spending. Whether it’s because of overspending from habit or in spite, the family budget needs to be discussed between husband and wife in a respectful, non-threatening way. Otherwise, it will never succeed. Here are some suggestions to try to get your spouse on board:


·        Discuss your short and long term financial goals, including savings, to see if you’re on the same page.

·        Work together to come up with a reasonable budget that you’re both happy with.

·        Highlight the benefits of sticking to the budget.

·        Reiterate that it isn’t set in stone; the budget can be revised as time goes on and circumstances change.

·        Reinforce each other’s strengths and weaknesses, in terms of your financial relationship.

·        Be aware of your tone of voice and language. Stay away from the “you always” and “you never’ approach.

·        Agree that neither spouse will make large purchases, such as a new television or stove, without discussing it first.

·        Listen openly and try to incorporate some of your spouse’s suggestions.

·        Agree to keep anger and resentment out of the discussion.

·        Remember, you’re working toward mutual goals.

·        If necessary, allocate an allowance for each of you, whereby neither spouse has a say as to how it gets spent. The amount doesn’t necessarily have to be equal; it should be based on need.


Remember, marriage is a relationship of cooperation, commitment, and sharing. Working together will enable your household budget and financial goals to succeed.



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