March 18, 2018
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Tips for Sticking to your Budget

As you may know from experience, setting up a budget is easier than actually putting it into action. Trying to stick to it can be difficult as well as frustrating. Losing interest is a major problem for many. Here’s a little advice for making your short-term and long-term financial goals a reality.


1.      Keep it Simple. The key to following a successful budget is to keep it as simple and realistic as possible. Creating a large, elaborate plan isn’t necessary. Trying to change your spending habits overnight or going “cold turkey” won’t last. Making practical changes over time make the transition easier and allows for some real, long lasting success.

2.      Use a method that works for you. Don’t get bogged down with learning a software program that you’ve never seen before. If pen and paper is easier, go with it. 

3.      Take advantage of the information you learned when you developed your budget. Now that you know where your money goes, you can decide a better way and change it as needed. This will give you the flexibility necessary for long-term budgeting.

4.      One day at a time. Remind yourself about your financial goals on a daily basis. It’s like dieting—as you progress and see positive results, your motivation is renewed.

5.      The power of positive thinking. Budgeting is not a four-letter word. Don’t think of it as restrictive or depriving you of the good things in life. Think of it as tool to reach your dreams. Very few people can succeed without a budget, no matter their income.




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