June 20, 2018
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Go Paperless with eBill Payers

Many of us already save time and money by paying bills online, but you can go a step further and simplify your life even more by totally managing most of your bills online.

Electronic Bill Payment Solutions
Services such as eBill, eCheck, and AutoPay improve the bill payment process by offering users the option of electronically sending and receiving bill and payment information that is convenient, cost effective and secure.

Click and Save
Many companies today not only accept online payments, but also offer the option of viewing your bills or statements online. This saves both you and the creditor postage and supplies. Hopefully with less overhead, companies can pass the savings on to their customers. It frees you from the inconvenience and costs of writing checks-no mail to open, no checks to buy or write, and no stamps to purchase. It also offers the convenience of dealing with your bills anytime and anywhere.

Most telephone companies, wireless services, credit cards, gas, electric, and insurance companies offer some version of free online bill paying and viewing options that are set up to protect your account information.

Live Easier and Greener
Don't you just hate the messy piles of bills that constantly accumulate? By using eBill payers you can reduce the paper clutter, stacks of mail, and unfilled records. Paperless billing is better for the environment and saves money. Instead of receiving a paper bill each month, you'll get an e-mail message when your bill is ready. You can either click on the link within the message to pay the bill, or go to the website to access your bill and pay it that way and enjoy life without credit problems.

Get Control of your Bills
It will be easier for you to look up your payments and account history whenever necessary. Why keep a paper file on every account when someone else can? For credit cards, you can easily monitor your purchases, look up current charges, and know what your balance is at all times. If there is a purchase that you didn't make, you can stop additional charges and begin the process of fraud investigation right away instead of waiting for a monthly statement that may be weeks away, opening up the possibility of more damage.

So the next time you sit down for bill paying, take the time to check out eBill payment options online. You'll be surprised at how much money you'll save over time and how easy it is.



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