March 18, 2018
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Use Common Sense at the ATM

Many consumers rely on the convenience of ATM machines for cash, but safety can be an issue. Here are some simple tips to follow to make sure your trip to the ATM is business as usual.


 Be selective—don’t pick an ATM machine that is in a low-traffic or dimly lit area. Find one in a public location.

2.      Be aware—always take note of your surroundings throughout the entire transaction. People shouldn’t be hovering in the area and make sure no one is watching from a parked car. Make sure no one follows you when you leave.

3.      Avoid using the ATM after dark. If you have to, pick one that is well lighted and doesn’t have large bushes nearby.

4.      Avoid using the ATM alone. Try to take someone with you if possible.

5.      Memorize your pin number. Don’t write it on the back of your ATM card or a piece of paper, and don’t give it to anyone. Make sure no one is looking over your shoulder when you enter your number.

6.      Avoid counting your cash at the machine. This will only entice a robber. Wait until you get in your car or leave.

7.      Prepare all transaction envelopes in advance. Keep some at home or in your glove box. This will help you minimize the amount of time at the machine.

8.      Check your bank statements as soon as you receive them and report any discrepancies.

9.      When using a drive-up ATM, lock your doors and keep your engine running. Leave enough space between your car and the one ahead of you so you can get out of line if necessary.

10. Go with your instinct. If you feel uncomfortable, there is probably a good reason. Find to a different machine, or return at a later time.

If you want help with credit card debt, please contact a Credit Counselor or Credit Counseling Company.




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