June 20, 2018
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Misleading Debt Ads

Debt is a stressful reality for many American consumers. Regardless of how you got into debt, the pressure it causes can cause you to feel desperate. Unfortunately, there are companies out there that prey on these emotions and take advantage of people in the guise of providing a helpful service.

Buyer Beware!

The Federal Trade Commission urges consumers to be aware of misleading advertisements. As an informed consumer, you need to be aware of such ads offering “quick fixes” or “easy debt relief.”  As tempting as they sound, these ads rarely disclose the type of debt relief being offered - bankruptcy. Chock-full of red flag catch phrases, they are designed to appeal to your emotions by offering a quick fix to debt. And as the saying goes - If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Bankruptcy is only one option to deal with certain credit or financial problems, and it should always be considered as a final, inescapable option. It has long-term negative consequences on your credit, not to mention on your financial and personal life.  

If you’re having trouble staying on top of your bills, consider all your options first.  A certified, reputable Credit Counselor, or non-profit credit counseling agency can help you with this. They offer truly helpful services like significant interest rates cuts on your credit cards, money management and a practical plan to financial freedom!


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