March 18, 2018
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Freedom from Financial Fears

Does fear have a grip on you or your finances? Does anxiety strike when you think of your bill stack? Do you feel overwhelmed by debt and fear its consequences? You are not alone. Many people struggle or have struggled with anxiety, sleepless nights, fretful worrying and the like over their finances and debt.  Even people who make decent money can struggle with fear of failure or fearing debt itself.

Fear paralyzes.  Fear stops momentum and kills motivation, if you let it.  Fear is behind many superficial excuses for procrastination.  We put things off oftentimes because we are afraid of facing them, and this is certainly true of our finances - budgeting, paying bills, check account balances.  Fear can produce the opposite action, too, depending on your personality and way of coping.  Perhaps you are meticulous and watch every penny.  Fear has you trying to control your financial situation to the point of being control by it.  Avoidance and dominance - two unhealthy responses to the rise of fear.

What causes fear?  Fear is rooted in a belief that something bad is going to happen or is already happening or could happen if you lose control. Fear shouts that your circumstances are more than you can handle, there is no way out, you are going to fail...the list goes on.  Ever stop to consider how negative and foreboding these thoughts are?  No wonder they can drain the life right out of us.  

Fear is a reality.  There are things in life that will give opportunity for you to be afraid and may succeed in eliciting your natural reaction to avoid or control the situation.  So, what should you do when fear strikes?  Face it. Here’s how.

1. Tell someone.

Talking to a friend or confidant about the things you fear brings them out into the open, which helps put things into perspective.  When you can’t even look at the bills or the debt, etc. you have nothing on the table to work with.  Once you bring them up and out, there is a sense of empowerment where you were once feeling powerless.  When we hide from our financial situation, we are not using our power as creative and capable people to determine our financial future through powerful choices.  Likewise, when we can’t relax or stop checking on every detail, we get tunnel vision and lose sight of the life we’re meant to be living, one of building relationships with people - not our bank account.

2. Don’t own it.

The problem with owning fear is that it becomes a pet that insists on being fed, and we do, to keep it happy and get it to leave us alone.  If a rat was in your house, would you leave cheese and crackers out to keep it from biting you?  I think not.  Would those of you who have to ‘be in control’ setup a 24/7 watch, setting booby traps and plotting its capture?  Perhaps those of you who are lacking in adventure would!  But, let’s be real here. You would have the exterminators out pronto!  Think of fearful thoughts in the same way. Don’t feed them; don’t let them hang around and don’t panic, slipping into the quicksand of doomsday thoughts.

When those thoughts come, do not take ownership of them by agreeing with their proposed outcomes or insults.  Avoid constantly confirming, “I am afraid.”  It is disempowering.  Instead, declare that you are able, an overcomer, smart, that you will succeed…

3. Start fresh now!

Today really is a new day!  Why? Because you say so.  Yes, you may have made mistakes, bad choices.  You may have overspent and on purpose even.  But, that was then, and this is now.  Don’t allow your past to add pressure to your present and prevent your future from being everything you dream.  You are not a failure.  You are not a loser.  You are not bound to your debt either!  You are intelligent, proactive, decisive and ready to live differently, starting right now.

Maybe you used to spend your paycheck in one way, a way that ended with credit card debt and unpaid bills. Ok. So start living and spending your money as one who is free to choose.  Choose to spend, to save, to share and to invest - all in the way you would as a financially free person.  As for those debts, tackle them one by one.  You can and will live debt free.  Because you say so!

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