March 18, 2018
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3 Ways to Make Your Tax Return a Better Payoff

Not everyone waits until the last minute to file.  Plenty of consumers file the first chance they get, hoping for a big bang for their buck. Many look forward to their tax return months in advance, and some even have their plans to purchase all laid out.  Perhaps that has been your routine for years! This year, make your tax return a better payoff with these spending tips.


Tip 1. Pay off revolving debt.

Benefit: Increased monthly cash flow

Apply your tax return to payoff or pay down your revolving credit card debt and lighten your monthly expense load. This is a simple way to increase the size of your budget.  Plus, it will shift your finances toward a more favorable outcome.  A future of financial freedom is certainly a better payoff.


Tip 2. Set aside savings.

Benefit: Reduces dependency

Saving comes easy for some, but for others it’s a struggle. Living paycheck to paycheck can make it hard to save a significant amount.  Why not use your tax return to kick off your savings this year? Consider both long-term and short-term savings.  Building up an emergency fund will reduce your dependency on credit cards coming to your rescue.  As the adage goes, it pays to save!


Tip 3. Reward your hard work.

Benefit: Rest

Don’t leave out a personal reward. Set aside a portion of your tax return to spend.  It’s not only “ok” to, it’s a good idea. Rewarding your hard work goes beyond the reward itself. It places value on you and your life, and doing so provides the benefit of rest.


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