June 20, 2018
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Job Loss - Is Your Job on the Chopping Block?

Unfortunately, many Americans have had to, and will have to, face the reality of losing their job. Anyone can be intellectually prepared for a job loss-you've probably thought, "my job could be gone tomorrow", even if nothing is really happening at work to lead you to believe it. But how do you really know when the time has come? Are you ready to take the financial hit? Here are some signs that your job could be on the chopping block:

· You've been asked to train a new employee with duties very similar to yours. This is a big sign that you could be training your replacement.
· Your typical workload begins to fade away. When a project is finished, do you have another one waiting in the wings? If not, this could be a sign of trouble.
· You've been assigned duties that are considered below your pay scale. Keeping busy with administrative tasks lately?
· You've noticed changes in the way employees and management interacts with you. Lost that "chatty" office atmosphere? Were you conveniently in the restroom when the office went out to lunch? It's natural for employees to distance themselves from someone who's on their way out.
· Your trade subscriptions or professional memberships have lapsed. If your boss has failed to renew your trade association dues, it may be a red flag.
· You've received more written and less oral feedback about your job performance. Your boss may be building a case to let you go.
· The company is going through a downsizing. No matter what your performance, you can be the victim of a layoff.

No matter what the reason for the job loss, being aware of the warning signs can make all the difference. Once you get over the emotional aspects of losing your job, try seeing the signs as a blessing that gave you time to get your household and finances in order to weather the storm, and figure out your next move.



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