March 18, 2018
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Shop Smart at Warehouse Clubs

The popularity of shopping at warehouse clubs has certainly grown due to the simple fact that more consumers want to take advantage of lower prices on products ranging from small household items to big electronics. Buying jumbo packs of dinner rolls and gallon containers of salsa can definitely be economical; however, consumers need to be smart about it. A club membership can pay off if you follow some basic rules.

* Make a list—buy only what you need. Impulse purchases can defeat your purpose of saving money.
* Comparing unit prices to those at the grocery store will allow you to know which items are a good buy.
* Buddy up with a friend or family member to split the large quantities of perishable goods.
* Pay with cash—this will help you stick to your budget.
* If you’re just thinking about joining, inquire about a day pass to have a look around.
* Rebates—be sure to send these in to take full advantage of the savings.
* For meats, ask the butcher to cut up large cuts for you.
* Take advantage of any in-store coupons.
* Create meal plans based on what you buy to avoid waste.
* Look into other available services like gas, pharmacy, and vision center.
* Keep in mind the difference between wants and needs.

Remember, a deal isn’t a deal unless you can use the product. Evaluating your needs and knowing what kind of consumer you are will help you to be a smart shopper.



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