March 18, 2018
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Inexpensive Doesn’t Have To Be Cheap

Some people assume that to have the best of things, one must spend a lot of money, no matter the cost. Also, others won’t look for sales or shop the clearance shelves because they think there is some kind of flaw with the product. In both cases, they don’t want to buy cheap stuff—they assume that less expensive products are inferior. This isn’t always the case; buying the most expensive items isn’t always the best choice. In addition, for those who need to cut their budget, this can be a great source of savings.


What cheap really means


Cheap is something that is of inferior quality or worth, such as cheap workmanship. Even an expensive item can actually be cheap in quality. This is especially true for children’s toys. We’ve probably all bought what we thought was a great toy for the kids, only to see it fall apart later. Quality has to be evaluated on an individual basis, regardless of price.


What now


All too often people overlook inexpensive yet good products because of their prejudice against lower priced or sale items. Shoppers really need to evaluate the quality of the item, as well as needs. Take sandwich bags, for example. In the grocery store there are tons of sandwich bags to choose from—with zips, snaps, or fold closures, priced high and low. The high-priced zip closures can be double the cost of the old-fashioned fold and close bags. They all do the same thing and end up in the garbage after your child eats their school lunch. The point is that the less expensive bags do the job they’re meant to do equally as well as the fancy bags with zippers. In this case, there is no reason to spend more money on zipper bags—the less expensive product is better.


Looking for lower priced products by shopping the sales and clearance racks is not only a smart way to shop, but also a must if you want to save money. Sometimes the only difference between two products is the price tag. 




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