June 20, 2018
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7 Isn’t Just Lucky - It’s Smart!

Wondering why budgeting is worth the time and effort?  Here are some great reasons why budgeting is a good thing for you:

1.  Meet your financial goals.

Do you want to build savings, plan for retirement, get out of debt, or take a vacation? Budgeting helps you set and reach your financial goals. It gives you a target and helps you hit it. Bullseye!

2. Take control of your cash flow.

Money may not grow on trees, but it can be lost in the wind. Budgeting helps you spend confidently, save successfully and avoid the common pitfalls.

3. Separate needs, wants and waste.

Assigning money for your needs is a no brainer. If money allows, go ahead and get some of the things you want, too. Just be sure to recognize the wasteful spending that hinders you from meeting your financial goals. Divide and conquer!

4. Help your relationships thrive.

Finances are the number one area for relationship stress. Husbands and wives, parents and children - relationships thrive off of a sense of trust and security. Financial fears breed relational conflicts - plain and simple.

5. Prepare for emergencies or other unexpected expenses.

When an emergency arises, it is unnerving enough already. Having money set aside in advance helps you focus on the needs of the situation and make stronger decisions in a stressful situation. Set aside a reserve fund and see the unforeseen.

6. Bring back balance.

Budgeting keeps your life well rounded and encourages peace of mind.  Pencil in some pleasurable activities that refresh you physically and mentally.  Life is not all work and no play.

7. Rest easy.

Financial stressors like bills and debt keep many people awake at night. Budgeting helps shield you from this common thief of sleep.

If you are struggling with your finances, please contact a credit counseling company today.



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