June 20, 2018
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Go the Distance to Save on your Telephone Bill

As you have probably noticed, telephone service providers have been flooding consumers with offers of what they consider to be the “best deal.” Of course, everyone would love to save money on their phone bills, especially since many are paying for a cellular phone as well. To really get the best deal, first and foremost, you must evaluate your calling pattern. Determining where and when your call volume is the heaviest, then you can zero in on a phone company with the lowest rates for your specific calling pattern. Here are some tips that could help you lower your phone bills:

·        Review your phone bill every month to be sure there aren’t extra charges or fees for something you didn’t agree to or ask for. Call immediately to reverse the charges.

·        At least once a year review your phone bills for the previous three months to see what local, local toll, long distance, and international calls you normally make. Call several phone companies, including wireless companies, to find an inexpensive calling plan that meets your particular needs.

·        If you use a wireless phone, make sure your wireless calling plan covers the calls you typically make. Understand promotions, peak calling periods, area coverage and roaming, and long distance requirements to avoid paying too much.

·        If you make very few toll or long distance calls, avoid calling plans with monthly fees or minimums.

·        Check your phone bill to see if you have optional calling services you don't use. Each option you drop could save you $40 or more each year. Extras like call waiting and caller I.D. should be eliminated.

·        Dial your long distance calls directly. Using an operator to place the call can cost you up to $10 extra.

·        Use the phone book to look up numbers instead of calling the operator. Many carriers now have a fee for directory service.

·        Before making calls when away from home, compare per minute rates and surcharges for different prepaid phone cards and calling card plans to find the one that saves you the most money.

·        If you make a lot of long distance calls, try to limit them to five minutes or less.

·        Make sure all family members are on board with the new rules to only make calls that are necessary, especially for long distance.

·        Use your television or radio for time and weather reports instead of the phone.

·        Be knowledgeable about discount rate periods and call during those times, typically evening, night, and weekend hours.

·        Call when holiday rates are in effect.

·        Use toll free 800 and 888 numbers when available—use your phone book to find them.


It may seem like a big list of items to review, but it’s really worth the effort if you’re looking to lower your monthly bills.





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