March 18, 2018
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Cheap Vacations

You can still keep your costs under control and still have lots of fun! Do you work all day, stress out, and think that you have no other alternatives? You should relax, sit back and live life, at least for a week or two. Times are getting harder, especially with the economy and expenses increasing. But this should not be an obstacle from you and your family to enjoy what God gave us, Life!

Here are a few tips for an affordable family trip:

  1. Travel to an uncommon tourist spot. Most people travel to places where it is a tourist Mecca. You can go places where there is less crowds and you can also save up to 70%.
  2. Travel in the fall. Traveling on the off-peak seasons can get you discounted rates, especially if you are planning to travel with the whole family. Caribbean and Mexican resorts and hotels are cheaper through April and May or through the fall. Some even offer kids-stay-free promotions.
  3. Be Flexible. Let the cheap flights and or lodgings determine where you will go. You can go to to see the best airfares depart from your city; you can also sign up for e-mail notifications for deals from the airport nearest you.
  4. You can take your infant for free! Most airlines let you hold a child younger than 2 years of age on your lap for no charge. Flying compared to driving beats the timely travel in a car compared to an air plane.
  5. Vacation somewhere close to you. Especially with gas prices rising, driving somewhere close helps in gas prices, on-the-way hotel rooms, and not paying for airfare.
  6. Camping anyone? This can be a real inexpensive vacation. You can visit national parks, or take the whole family to summer camps. Go to American Camp Association's directory to find a camp that's right for your family.
  7. Take an all-inclusive vacation. Heading to the south of the border such as a Cancun, can offer deals as little as $600. These included food, drinks, transportation and a room. 

    Sit back, relax and enjoy the sun!



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