June 20, 2018
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Keeping your children busy on little or no money

If you’re in credit counseling or have signed on to a debt management plan, you may be concerned about how it will all work with your children, while being committed to paying down your debt. Paying for gymnastics, swim lessons, baseball, or karate can really add up and it may not be part of your budget any longer. Having anxiety about it is normal, but you don’t want to pass it on to your children, no matter what their age. Worry no more! Not all activities cost money or a lot of money. Here are some resources and ideas to keep your children busy this summer without the cost.


·        Local parks—most communities have at least one park for their residents with playground equipment and bike trails. Most kids beg to go, even if they have a swing set of their own. Fly a kite, bring your bikes, or go exploring. Some parks even have tennis courts and basketball courts open all the time—this is good for older kids.

·        Lake or Pool—some communities have lake or pool access through the recreation department. Fees are typically pretty low for the summer, but it pays for a lifeguard. They may offer free swim lessons. Check with the high school in your town if they have a pool. It may be open to residents at certain times.

·        Library—there are so many programs available for all ages. It’s not like the library you may remember when you were a kid. Besides having videos and DVDs available for checking out (for free!), some libraries even have family movie nights. It’s definitely worth it to check it out, plus kids usually love getting a library card and picking out their own books.

·        Volunteer—with so many different organizations needing help, there’s no excuse for not teaching kids, especially teens, the value of helping others. It’s also a great way to meet interesting people and make new friends and contacts.

·        Play with what you already have—everyone has toys, games, paints, and puzzles just waiting for someone to play with. Kids just need a little push and enthusiasm to get interested. Make paper airplanes or look online for other craft ideas.


Trying to keep kids active over the summer without breaking your budget will benefit your whole family and set a good example that you don’t need a lot of money to have fun.





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