March 18, 2018
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Better Safe Than Sorry: Internet Security

With the growing popularity of online shopping, banking, and investing, it’s recommended by the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau to make sure your transactions are secure and protected. They suggest the following tips:


1.      Check the website privacy policy. Everyone is probably guilty of clicking “accept” without really reading what you’re agreeing to. Find out how your information will be used, as well as what security features are in place to protect your personal information.


2.      Be Selective. Make sure the websites you use are well-known, reliable businesses. Look for trust marks or seals from trusted third-party organizations.


3.      Only give out your personal information if you know who is collecting it and how they’ll use it.


4.       Only give out payment information to businesses you know and trust, and only when it is appropriate.


5.      Never give out your password to anyone, even your service provider.


6.      Keep records of your online transactions and check your email. Businesses typically send a confirmation of your order.


7.      Don’t download files or click on links sent to you by strangers. This could open your computer up to all sorts of problems, like viruses.


8.      Review your credit card and bank statements promptly every month. Look for errors and unauthorized purchases and contact the credit card issuer immediately if you see anything suspicious.



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