June 20, 2018
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Too Much Debt to Handle?

Credit counseling or debt management plans (DMP’s) effectively help thousands of people each year who are in a financial crisis. Their mission is to get your finances back on track by providing customized solutions that will work for you. Credit counseling can also make your life easier on a practical level:

      Help manage your debt—includes organizing unsecured debt, budgeting assistance, free educational material, and stopping any further damage.
      Get your bills paid—eliminate the day-to-day stress that goes along with debt. Simplify your payments through debt consolidators. You make one payment for all your unsecured debt and they’ll disburse the payments.
      Save you money—negotiate lower interest rates, get late fees waived.
      Help you become debt free and stay that way.

By committing to a DMP, creditors can feel confident that you will work through your money problems and prevent any further decline. Remember, creditors want to get their money back, so they prefer DMP’s over bankruptcy. Typically, creditors have good relationships with reputable
credit counseling organizations and are willing to negotiate more favorable terms in order to avoid total default.

Payment Consolidators are not Loan Consolidators
Many consumers get payment and loan consolidators confused or mistakenly think they’re the same thing. 

Debt Consolidators


Payment Consolidators

Loan Consolidators

The monthly payments for several creditors are combined into a single monthly payment or bill. The accounts or loans remain separate. The monthly payment is divided between the various accounts. 

Several loans are combined into one big loan. The loan terms, including the interest rate may change. The payment may be smaller, but the length of time for repayment   may be longer, thus, it will cost the borrower more money over time.

Credit counselors work directly with your creditors to implement a repayment plan that usually includes a lower monthly payment, reduced interest rates, and the elimination of over the limit fees and late fees. After negotiating better terms, all your payments are added up and consolidated into one monthly payment that is paid to the credit counseling organization, which then disburses the payments to all the creditors. Clients will receive monthly statements showing payments received and disbursed. These benefits allow more of your payments to go directly to paying down the debt, which will get you out of debt faster.



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