June 20, 2018
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Give Yourself a Boost: Easy Debt Reduction Ideas

Easy and debt reduction in the same sentence? Is it even possible? Yes, if you’re determined. Try these ideas and see your debt begin to shrink.


·        Save your change. Everyone should have a change jar.  The idea is that when it’s full, cash it in and apply it all to your debt as an extra payment. Don’t cash it in to put in your wallet to spend.

·        Turn cash gifts into extra payments. Make a deal with yourself that anytime you receive money, make an extra payment on your debt.

·        Pay raise. Don’t think a pay increase is an invitation to spend more! Take it as an opportunity to pay down your debt. You’ll be much happier.

·        Tax return or bonus. Money like this should go directly to your debt, on top of your regular payment.

·        Hire yourself. If you hire someone to cut the grass or clean, start doing these things yourself and put the money towards your debt.

·        Have a garage sale. Get rid of your junk—it can be so burdensome. Empty out some of the things you never use and are just taking up space. You’ll be surprised at how liberating this can feel, with the added bonus of making some money and paying down your debt.

·        Eliminate your credit cards. Just do it. Using cash helps you make better purchasing decisions and you should be able to make larger payments.


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