May 28, 2018
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Debt Management Program

Chrisitan Credit Counselors is the #1 trusted name in Credit Counseling and Debt Management. We have been helping families and individuals gain financial freedom since 1994. Since then, over 200 thousand families and individuals have turned to us for help in becoming debt free. The difference? True, Honest, Quality Service, and Proven Results.

With our Debt Management Program we offer you a manageable plan and strategy to get OUT of DEBT – FOR GOOD. 

Our NIFCE (National Institute for Financial Counseling Education) and State of Michigan certified personal counselors are compassionate and treat you with dignity and respect during your financial challenges.

We Can Help:

Consolidate credit card and unsecured debt into one payment, with a personalized plan just for you.
Have no negative affect towards your credit score.
Make timely and systematic payments (through CCC) which helps maintain your overall credit rating.
Have funds distributed to your creditors for you at 100% of the amount you send.
Lower your monthly payment.
Lower most interest rates.
Have reduced or waived fees and additional charges.
Stop creditor harassment.
Have one place to pay each month.
Have a fast payoff time.
Be provided a monthly progress report of your payment plan.
Have help to re establish your credit through education.
Obtain more peace of mind through financial freedom!

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